Siri AB is a Swedish IT company that provides consulting services to some of the key players in the Automotive and Telecom domains. It works towards helping the customers overcome competency shortage and providing the best opportunities to its talented employees. Having a presence in the Swedish market for over 8 years, helped us comprehend the needs and norms of the Swedish market thoroughly. Having strong roots and a vast network in India, Siri AB is the one-stop solution to overcoming competency shortage without worrying about the tedious process of recruiting, relocating and filling the cultural gaps, all with reliable engineers.

Our consultants are highly skilled and have worked with the top OEMs and Tier 1 companies both in India and in the international market. Our consultants are currently working in the locations of various customers that include – Automotive OEMs, Telecom wireless Network OEMs, Mobile handset OEMs, Gaming Industry players. Siri AB was established in 2011 and since then, the Siri AB consultants are working with various big and small companies across Sweden. Building reliability and trust, Siri AB has seen steady growth in the industry.

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