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Organizational Cybersecurity Management in Automotive Industry

Organizational Cybersecurity Management in automotive Industry
One of the important clauses in ISO/SAE 21434 (Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering) is organizational cybersecurity management. Unlike any other standards, utmost importance is given in this standard to have the management involvement in setting up the cybersecurity policies, rules, and processes for the organization. The organization should develop a strong cybersecurity culture in its[...]
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Automotive Cyber Security Standards and Regulations

As vehicles become increasingly connected and rely on sophisticated electronic control units (ECUs) and networked systems, they become vulnerable to cyber threats. The threats can range from unauthorized access for data theft to more serious risks like remote manipulation of critical vehicle functions. So, the practices, technologies, and measures to protect vehicles and their electronic[...]
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What is HSM and its role in cyber security

Enhancing Cyber Security with HSM – Hardware Security Module In today’s digital age, where data breaches and cyber threats have become increasingly prevalent, ensuring robust Cyber Security has become a critical concern for individuals, businesses, and governments. In this landscape, a Hardware Security Module (HSM) plays a significant role in enhancing cyber security by providing[...]
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Top Trends in In-Vehicle Infotainment

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) refers to the integrated system in a vehicle that provides entertainment, information, and connectivity features to the driver and passengers. It includes a combination of audio, video, navigation, communication, and internet-related functions. With the advancement of Technology IVI transport vehicles including bikes, cars, automobiles, truck will be much different ten years down[...]
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Top Trends in Navigation and Telematics

Trends in Navigation and Telematics
In Automotive Industry, Navigation and telematics are two interconnected fields that deal with the transmission and reception of information related to vehicle location, movement, and other relevant data. While navigation primarily focuses on providing drivers with directions, maps and POIs (Point of Interests) to reach their desired destinations. Telematics systems use a combination of hardware[...]
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