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CHATGPT FOR COMPLEX USE CASE- AN APPROACH It is no longer a surprising statement that the potential of ChatGPT is ever increasing and now evaluation of ChatGPT has been moved from generalized use cases to more complex and much more specific use cases. And no wonder that this is also resulting in more innovative ways[...]
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Automotive Cyber Security Standards and Regulations

As vehicles become increasingly connected and rely on sophisticated electronic control units (ECUs) and networked systems, they become vulnerable to cyber threats. The threats can range from unauthorized access for data theft to more serious risks like remote manipulation of critical vehicle functions. So, the practices, technologies, and measures to protect vehicles and their electronic[...]
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What is HSM and its role in cyber security

Enhancing Cyber Security with HSM – Hardware Security Module In today’s digital age, where data breaches and cyber threats have become increasingly prevalent, ensuring robust Cyber Security has become a critical concern for individuals, businesses, and governments. In this landscape, a Hardware Security Module (HSM) plays a significant role in enhancing cyber security by providing[...]
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Top AI trends in Telecom

Top AI Trends in Telecom
AI is revolutionizing the telecom sector by enabling network operators to deliver enhanced services, improve operational efficiency, and provide a superior customer experience. In the telecom industry, AI is being leveraged in various domains, including network management, customer service, predictive analytics, and fraud detection. Let’s explore top AI trends that are reshaping the future of[...]
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Top Trends in Software-Defined Telecom Networks (SDTN)

Software Defined Telecom Networking Jobs
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) became a very popular term in the telecommunications industry two decades ago which promised to revolutionize the way Telecom  networks were designed, managed, and operated by providing a centralized approach to network control and management. The concept of SDN was based on the separation of the control plane from the data plane[...]
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Top Trends in In-Vehicle Infotainment

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) refers to the integrated system in a vehicle that provides entertainment, information, and connectivity features to the driver and passengers. It includes a combination of audio, video, navigation, communication, and internet-related functions. With the advancement of Technology IVI transport vehicles including bikes, cars, automobiles, truck will be much different ten years down[...]
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ChatGPT -The New Normal

ChatGPT - the new-normal
All of us by now know about ChatGPT and what it can do. Microsoft’s $1Bn in 2019 and the recent $10Bn for 49% stake sums it up. Simply put, it is revolutionary, and it has already started to change the game. Its impact and reach are deep and wide. Fast forward to 2024, businesses will[...]
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