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New Year Message from our CEO

The CEO of Siri AB wishes everyone a Happy New Year as we bring 2021 with hope and joy. As we come to the end of 2020, we will not only remember it as the year of pandemic but also as the beginning of a new-normal. Work-from-home, pollution free environment and cleaner air experienced during[...]
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Siri AB Strengthens Leadership Team with the addition of Independent advisor to the board, Martin Lenart

Siri AB, a Swedish IT company providing services in consulting, outsourcing and products in Automotive and Telecom industries, has added an Independent advisor to the board. As an Independent Advisor to the Board, Martin Lenart will actively support Sales and Marketing as Siri AB looks at domestic and international business expansion. Martin has 20+ years[...]
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How to navigate the transition to remote work

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. From travel restrictions to reconsidering going out to enjoy springtime sun; the change is palpable. The government has recommended work from home for all those who can. As a measure of safety, most of the corporates in the country have directed their employees to do so. While[...]
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Saying No for an Answer. A perspective on Why Indians don’t say No!

The world is becoming a smaller place due to globalization. Organisations are expanding their footprints across the globe. Business is finding it easier to make things happen by bringing in talent across international borders. Indian engineers are a significant part of this picture. Understanding the cultural difference helps quickly build a productive environment. When it[...]
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