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This is an important part of the solutions team. Cloud deals with the part of the client project that requires research and testing and is done outside the client’s premises. At the offshore development center, the IT solution for the client is realized and tested. This cuts costs and makes it easier to market!
Our clients will always be benefitted from their own offshore development centers. And we know the exact way to help! If Siri AB is entrusted with the development of an offshore development center, we will not let you down in any way- resources, space or infrastructure!
And the client themselves would be given the option to their project managers. They can handpick whoever they think will be best for their project from among our resources.

And if the project is in India, the client will be in an advantageous position with Siri AB. Using our networks and resources, we can cut costs by a large margin as the client will need a lot less infrastructure!
Outsourcing the IT issues is very useful as it allows the complete management team to concentrate simply on the business goals and targets. Often the management gets caught up in teeny tiny IT issues, which diverts their attention from the real job at hand.
This also gives the client good talents to work on their projects. And as Siri AB recruits the best from all around the world, the client gets a world-class team to deal with their project!

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