Are you a skilled and talented person looking to work where the action and innovation is? We are looking for you for our European customers

Sweden is inherently an innovative environment. The work and social environments here make this possible. It gave birth to a wide spectrum of companies, products and technologies like Ikea, Ericsson, Skype, Volvo, TetraPak, Three-point Seatbelt, CandyCrush, Bluetooth, Pacemaker.

Siri AB adds momentum to this environment through skilled people like you! We believe happy employees make a happy work place. We support our employees in multiple ways to help settle down smoothly at the work place and outside.

Why Sweden?

Benefits of Staying in Sweden


Hub of Innovation

Sweden spends around 3.3% of its GDP on R&D. Being in Sweden is being a part of some path breaking innovations.

Gender Equality

Sweden believes in equal opportunities for both men and women at work places and in the society

Family Friendly

Sweden is the best place for families – a lot of family friendly policies are in place.

If you are pregnant

The government offers special benefits for expectant mothers. There are also parental benefits for young parents which is an added bonus.

If you are retired

Income-based pension that can be withdrawn whichever country the pensioner is a resident of at the time of retirement

For the sick and ill

Sickness cash benefit, Rehabilitation allowance and contribution, Occupational injury benefits, Income-related sickness or activity compensation.

For ill Family Members

Benefits are not just extended to employees but also to their close family members.  You have nothing to worry about.


The health center visits for children upto 20 years, Medicines for children upto 18 years and dental care for children upto 22 years is completely free.

Our Recruitment Process

Our interview and hiring process not only helps identify the best of skilled people but also tells us if the opportunity and the environment is a good choice for the individual and their family

Consultant Testimonials


What will be the duration of visa granted to the employee?

The visa is applied for two years and is further extended.

Will Siri AB bear the cost of visa processing and travel for the employee and their dependents?

Yes, the visa processing cost and one/time travel cost (from India to Sweden) for the employee and for the family (spouse and children) will be on Siri AB.

Will the dependent get a work permit?

Yes, the approved visa is a residence cum work permit for the employee and his/her spouse.

How many levels of interview does a candidate have? Where does the client interview take place?

There are primarily two rounds of interviews with the candidate apart from the Initial assessment call from Siri AB. However, it is not uncommon that there are more than two interviews. The client interview takes place on Skype or other video call.
1.Internal technical interview (by the Partner/Siri AB technical Panel
2.Client Interview (Single/multiple rounds, as per the client’s choice)

Where will the employee be working?

Siri AB employees will work at the client locations.

Whose pay rolls will the employee be under?

As full-time employees, the employees will be under Siri AB pay rolls.

What will be the duration of each project?

Siri AB always pursues a long/term business relationship with its clients. Sweden spends a lot on R&D and most of Siri AB’s requirements come from R&D. Hence new releases keep happening leading to extensions of the assignments with the same customers. There are some of Siri AB’s employees that have been engaged with the same customer for over 5 years.

What is the general mode of transport in Sweden?

Sweden has a well-connected and a reliable public transport system with underground trains (T-bana), commuter trains, trams, buses and ferries. The regional passes are valid both in the city and on some rural routes. The same pass can be used to travel on the different modes of public transport (bus, tram and ferry).

If my child is born in Sweden, what passport will he/she hold?

Children born in Sweden receive the same citizenship as the parents

What is the required minimum validity of the passport before applying for work permit to Sweden?

The visa is usually approved for 2 years and so, validity of the passport must at least be for 2 years. Visa validity is same as or less than the expiry date of the passport

What Our Employees Speak About Us?

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