Founded by passionate entrepreneurs of Indian diaspora, Siri AB remains connected to its roots in India while having the main centre of operations in Sweden. The company acknowledges the needs of the underprivileged in society and works towards providing their basic needs. Siri AB is connected to three groups and makes a small yet consistent effort through its Indian subsidiary.

Our Work

Siri AB is associated with three institutions that are actively engaged in the cause of helping the underprivileged and disabled. Siri AB has liaised with Sree Kanchana Charitable Trust (SKCT) to reach these institutions.

  • Vrudhapya and Mentally Retarded Ashramam, Dundigal
  • Sri Gayathri Saanga Veda Vidyalayam, Kundanapalli, Hyderabad
  • Pallavi Anaadha Vrudhapya and Mentally Retarded Ashramam, Dundigal

The first organization helps in providing shelter to mentally challenged people. Second one imbibes ancient knowledge with modern education to children. Third one is a shelter home for old and mentally challenged people. Siri AB contributes essential goods such as rice, pulses, cooking oil, baby formula and other groceries that are essential for living an independent and respectable life.