We are a niche player with a focus on ADAS, Infotainment, Telematics/Navigation and Powertrain in the Automotive industry. Our telecom expertise is in technologies associated with 3G, 4G and 5G

Siri AB offers IT and software development services across Sweden. We have access to some of the finest resources that are currently employed with tier 1 companies like Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota Chrysler, etc. They are experienced consultants with expertise in the fields of IoT, Cloud computing, Automotive, Telecom, Big Data, Web Development, Mobile Applications and IoT HW / SW concepts.


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Key Service Areas



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Internet of Things (IOT)

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Why Choose US?


Siri AB has humble roots and is a concept of individuals that have built their careers in the Swedish land. They began their careers as employees with some of the OEMs and have grown to understand the market and its unmet need


The founders of Siri AB have their presence in the Swedish market working for different customers and thus have a thorough understanding of the market. Their career spread helps them have a better view of the table, both in the customer and vendor point of view.

Siri AB endeavours to build its brand value on credibility


Siri AB both as an employer and an organisation has a cross cultural and international network that helps pool talents in diverse fields. It is a passion for connecting right potential and right opportunities that drives the organization. With like-minded partners and peers, Siri AB has the long history of identifying and placing the right resources in the right time at the right opportunity


Our Employees, Your space

We place our employees that meet your requirements at your office. The resource will continue to be an employee of Siri AB.

We select, you finalise

Siri AB has a very stringent procedure of selecting the employees for the role. However, you will be informed/involved in each step and will be the one to give the final nod to the candidate in the selection process

No hassles, Get the work done

With Siri AB employees, you don’t have to worry about the immense paper work and tracking involved in the migration process. Siri AB will process the migration of its employees and hence, it is our responsibility to track and process the migration of the finalised resource

Competency Shortage

Siri AB understands that the biggest unmet need in Sweden currently is the competency shortage. On the other hand, we have a strong presence in the Indian market that is home to a huge number of skilled engineers that are currently employed with the OEM’s and Tier 1 companies.

Our Current Engagements in Sweden

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