Cyber Security Services

Siri AB is a trusted global provider of cybersecurity service where we serve clients across industries and geographies. With tailormade security services aligned with client’s business goals, the solutions provided are dedicated to safeguard the vehicles or other digital assets with cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.

Some of the services we provide in cyber security:

  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA)
  • Cybersecurity consultations
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) integrations
  • Cyber security Software development
  • Cyber security functions testing
  • Penetration testing against Cyber Security Goals
  • Production setup support
  • Aftermarket maintenance support

Our security analysts and developers are having decades of experience in Automotive and other IoT industry. So, they can understand the product deeper from HW, Firmware and application software perspective. This experience is very crucial to analyse security gaps where threats and vulnerabilities can lead to an unfortunate attack on the product. Out expert security SW developers will secure the product from these vulnerabilities and make it safe for the user’s privacy and data. Further to this our testers will execute customized tests on the target and trying to break its security to ensure the effectiveness of implementation.

Automotive Cybersecurity

The practices, technologies, and measures to protect vehicles and their electronic systems from unauthorized access, attacks, and potential breaches of security is of utmost importance in automotive engineering today and we have solutions for it. We have expertise in ISO/SAE 21434 standards and UN R155 cyber security regulations mandating CSMS & vehicle type approvals.

Some of the services we provide for Automotive Cybersecurity:

  • Establishing ISO/SAE 21434 framework with best practices
  • TARA and developing strategies to mitigate threats
  • R155 Annex 5 threats mappings to the target component
  • Secure boot, Secure SWDL, SecOC, Secure Log implementations
  • HSM integrations and key provisioning
  • CSMS certification and Type approval support
  • Automotive Cyber security testing services

Being the engineering partner of your automotive product development, we can be flexible to provide cyber security services to part or complete product life cycle.

IoT Cybersecurity

As the form factor of devices has reduced, they have become more important but extremely vulnerable at the same time. We understand the intricacies of security involved in this world of IoT and can provide expertise to protect Warables, Smart phones and various other consumer devices from attacks and vulnerabilities. We have expertise in Wireless IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth IEEE 802.15.1 and various attacks that are carried over these wireless protocols.

Some of the services we provide for IoT Cybersecurity:

  • Best practices while adopting Wireless solutions
  • TARA and developing strategies to mitigate threats
  • Secure Protocol stack that can be used over wireless such as TLS
  • Penetration Testing for Connectivity
  • HSM integrations and key provisioning
  • Provide recommendations to comply specific guidelines such as CC certifications

Being the engineering partner of your IoT product development, we can be flexible to provide cyber security services to part or complete product life cycle.

Security Analysis and Process

  • TARA Analysis
  • CS plans
  • CS Assessments
  • CS case preparations
  • Derving CS goals
  • CS Requirements
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Review support
  • Deviation handling
  • Incident management
  • Maintenance support
  • Guiding and Mentoring
  • Process setup
  • CSMS certification support
  • Type approval support

Security Testing

  • Function testing
  • Penetration testing

Security SW Development

  • Security Architecture design
  • Requirement Breakdown
  • Secure Boot/TEE (OPTEE)
  • Secure Flashing
  • Secure Debug access
  • Security Access modes
  • SecOC
  • Linux and Android Hardening
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing

HSM & Security stacks Integration

  • Scope definition
  • Supplier selection support
  • Crypto stack integrations
  • HSM integration
  • Security configurations
  • HSM Bootloader integrations

Network and Connectivity

  • TLS stack
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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On-Site IT Consulting

Our engineers will be based inside the premise of our clients’ office and work very closely with the team.

Near-Shore and Off-Shore Consulting

We will work on the solutions in our various offices in Sweden (Near-Shore) or our office in Hyderabad, India. (Off-Shore).

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