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Infrastructure Management

Siri understands how critical your IT infrastructure for smooth functioning of business and we make it our job to ensure that it runs efficiently with zero service disruption time. Siri has demonstrated its ability to deliver a responsive Infrastructure Management Services to its clients and our evolutionary engagement models and consultative partnership approach have helped clients in cost reduction, resource optimization and technology alignment.

Remote Infrastructure

Service Offering

  • Remote infrastructure Monitoring Services,
  • Remote WINTEL and UNIX server Administration,
  • Remote Virtualization Support Services,
  • Remote Network & Security Management,
  • Remote Desktop Management Services,
  • Image Management, Patch Management,
  • End point Security Services, Software deployment, Backup and Restore Management.

Managed Services

Service Offerings

  • IT Service Desk, End User Computing Services,
  • Monitoring Services, Management Services, Vendor Coordination Services,
  • IT Operations Optimization Services, Technical Support Services - ( Customized combination of Onsite / Offsite / Offshore / Remote Models ).


Siri offering in ITS are Planning (Integrate customer Business and IT strategy),Design (Based on Service Oriented Architecture),Deploy (Rollout to Operations),IT Infrastructure Solutions (System Integration),Data Center Solutions, Open Source Enterprise Application Solutions (CRM/ERP/HRM/Email/...),ITSM Automation Solutions (Service Desk/Monitoring/...),Open Source End User Infrastructure migration,Emerging,Technology solutions, Infrastructure Enhancement, Consolidation & Optimization Solutions.

Managed Database Services

Companies need to make decisions fast and so rely on information to be available 24x7. That puts pressure on database systems and makes maintenance and high availability a business critical requirement.We understand the challenges this places on your database systems and have set up a skilled team of practitioners, who know exactly how to implement, upgrade and support these database applications. We at Siri support all the leading databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase and IBM DB2 and offer a full range of Managed Services including database monitoring, troubleshooting and administration.In addition to database support, our expertise covers Oracle Real Application Clusters, High Availability Services and Disaster Recovery.Our comprehensive database support model is driven by client agreed service level agreements and is already helping numerous clients reduce database downtime, reduce maintenance costs, validate existing database architectures and gain expert support on new solution enhancements.


Support/Tools management

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At Siri, each of these ‘Best of Breed’ ERP application suites are aligned as individual Practices.

Service Offerings

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidations
  • SAP for retail
  • Customer Service Suite
  • SAP All in one for Manufacturing companies
  • SAP Mobility Solutions
  • SAP Supplier Relationship Management
  • SAP for Banking
  • SAP Business Objects
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management
  • SAP for Insurance
  • SAP Managed services
  • SAP Business Planning


Service Offerings

  • Impact analysis for 11i and earlier versions to R 12
  • Upgrade of earlier Application releases (9.x/ 10.7/ 11.0.x) to R12
  • Upgrade of earlier Database versions (8i/ 9i/ 10g) to 11g
  • Upgrade of middleware from previous versions to the latest version
  • Platform Migration between Windows , Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64, Linux along with Upgrade to R12 Migration
  • Migration can be done between any platform including Windows, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64 and Linux
  • Our services include migrations across all these platforms and our capabilities include:
  • Skilled migration specialists who understand the technology and domain
  • Robust experience in Platform and Data Migration
  • Pre-built generic conversion and interface programs for various data components
  • Delivering best practices using standardized methodology, process, tools and resources
  • Converting data as well as the application without any change in the business logic
  • Leveraging the power of a client's enterprise wide spending through one system with built-in localization of languages, currencies, and business processes

Microsoft Dynamics

  • Microsoft Dynamics is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that automates and streamlines business processes, delivers robust reporting and business intelligence, and connects employees, customers, and partners across a global marketplace. Designed specifically for mid-sized organizations, it is flexible and easy to use and offers an intuitive user experience helping people to fuel business productivity and enabling people to make confident decisions and respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities.
  • Siri implements NAV Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, CRM, e-Business, Manufacturing and HRMS modules. We provide a single fully integrated solution that connects everyone in your organization to your customers, suppliers and partners through the internet anytime, anywhere.
  • Siri is confident that our team has the proven expertise to deliver industry-specific functionality relevant to your needs-even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations.