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2020035 - Embedded C developer

6-8 years
Stockholm, Sweden

Job Description

You will be the architect of the customer's new software platform and also implement the solution.

The platform will be built on a Zephyr RTOS and C. The hardware will be equipped with a large number of sensors and communication interface. MCUs will be NRF52840.

Preva's task is to design HW and provide BSP to the customer's application developer. HW developers will also be located in Preva's premises in Sundbyberg.

The project will start from the ground up, so there is a great opportunity to put their own mark on the environment and methods together with the project manager.


     Must Have:

  •  C / C ++ development
  •  Experience of platform independent development
  •  Specific competences
  •  Zephyr RTOS
  • MCU NRF52840
  • at least 5 years of programming experience
  • You should be self-sufficient and be able to drive development and find solutions. One challenge is being able to develop a new technology embedded platform.

 Good to have:

  • Be a team player with focus on possibilities (rather than issues)
  • Flexible and quick to act
  • Open minded to a changing/dynamic work environment
  • Fluent in English both spoken and written

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