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2021038 - System & Software Developer "Phone as a key"

8-10 years

Job Description

The role includes system development and determining the system solutions and functionality of the digital keys. The digital key and phone as key system include technologies and functions like BLE, UWB positioning, NFC, Cloud services, user intent algorithms, signalling as well as standardised requirement work with international consortiums (such as CCC) and phone OEMs. The role also includes SW development for function and test development in C/C++, Python, Robot Framework and



What tools are used

In the team today they use Jenkins, Python, Robot Framework, C/C++ as well as Canoe and Inca. The team is working according to the Agile ways of working, keeping backlog items and planning in JIRA.


Requirements – Must list (short, and real must, no order)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or similar.
  • 8+ years of experience in SW/System development
  • Strong coding skills in C/C++ and Python
  • Experience of writing functional and system requirements
Good to have
  • Master’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or similar.
  • CAN and LIN networks
  • BLE
  • Cloud services
  • Robert Framework
  • CANoe, Inca
  • Simulink

Soft skills

  • Good team player with attention to detail, self-disciplined, able to manage their own time and workload, proactive and motivated.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and commitment, innovative thinking.
  • Great communication skills.

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