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2021046 - Android FW and (HAL) Low-level Developer

8-10 years
Sweden, Sweden

Job Description

Looking for Software engineers who can be part of Android Automotive. Specifically there are work-packages to provide a minimal Android cell for production test of Wi Fi and Bluetooth. Also need for enforcing our continuous work in the area of HW bring up, HAL and the Audio/multimedia/connectivity/GNSS/VHAL domains

About the work
Knowledge about the Android framework is highly valued as well as the HALs. There are different HW solutions with various SOCs (like Qualcomm, Renesas, Exynos, Intel etc) which need to be supported by Android Automotive. Knowledge of HW bring-up is of great value specifically in the area of Audio, but also in Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS. CAN communication, VHAL and AUTOSAR is also domains developers come in contact with. Skill in the area of hypervisors is a plus (QNX, Xen, Integrity etc) 


Relevant experience from software development on embedded systems is of course a must. 
  • 8=> of experience in software development.
  • 4=> of experience in HW bring-up and Android Framework knowledge.
  • Experience in C/C++ OR Java programming.
  • Experience in Android Framework development along with HAL.
  • Thorough knowledge about object-oriented development and design.
  • Experience of Agile development and Continuous Integration.
  • Tools like Git, Jira, RTC etc

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