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2021055 - Software Developer

8-10 years

Job Description

Looking for top qualified candidate with evidence of previous successes, to join world class team responsible for the first Android Automotive system in the world. Candidate will also add to their skillset, and must be a social and team player. Great support will be provided but the project is an expedited project so fast start will be needed



Requirements – Must list (short, and real must, no order)

·       BSc or MSc in software engineering or equivalent

·       A deep understanding of embedded platforms specifically as Linux, Android Automotive

·       Automotive, embedded, or infotainment systems development experience.

·       Knowledge of Automotive communication standards such as LIN, CAN, Ethernet

·       In-Depth knowledge of android automotive and embedded Linux build systems and tool chains, especially embedded fault finding, deep anaylsis, and knowledge of Low-level Linux.

·       Hands-on experience with hardware embedded devices with good fault tracing and debugging capabilities.

·       Knowledge of Linux based Host environment and tools.

·       Good understanding of agile project methodology, e.g. Scrum and Kanban.

·       A good understanding of C/C++ nd Java

·       Experience in handling factory Software releases and process.

·       Good scripting ability (Python, Bash, or other Scripting language)

·       Excellent understanding of Version control, Build Management using Git/Gerrit/Jenkins/Artifactory

·       Use of Jira, Confluence, Polarion project tools.

·       Strong multitasking ability, initiative and have high level of quality awareness.

·       Strong problem solving skills with a willingness to deep dive into technical issues

·       Fluent in English written and verbally


Good to have

·       Basic understanding of systems engineering and requirements management

·       Experience using Vector tools

·       Experience in FlexRay

·       Dockers and Containers

·       Master’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or similar


Soft skills

·       Responsibility and timely implementation of tasks, and ability to work within a strict time frame

·       Desire to continuously increase your knowledge and search for solutions

·       Strong multitasking ability, initiative and have high level of quality awareness.

·       Strong team player

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