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2021060 - Continuous Integration & Software Developer (Digital Keys)

8-10 years

Job Description

You will be part of an agile team with full end-to-end responsibility for digital key technology, e.g. phone as key, wireless keys, care key, NFC cards; including cloud services, user intent algorithms, signalling as well as international standardised requirements and phone OEM’s digital wallets. Our tool chain consists of Jira, Jenkins, Python, Robot framework, C/C++ as well as CANoe and INCA. In-house diagnostic tools and test principles are also included in the development and test work.


You will drive test automation and software development for embedded systems. You will be responsible for continuous integration of digital keys functionality, creating automated test framework, developing software, automated test scripts and maintaining automated test rigs. The role also includes coordination of software development to ensure that it follows the continuous integration flow, including producing necessary documentation according to our clients guidelines and test principles.


Requirements – Must list (short, and real must, no order)

  • B Sc or M Sc in software engineering or equivalent
  • Well versed in Python
  • Strong experienced in working with Jenkins and Continuous Integration
  • Working knowledge in CANoe
  • Working knowledge in Jira
Good to have
  • Automotive Experience
  • Basic understanding of C/C++ programming
  • Simulink
  • K-line
  • CAN and/or LIN
  • Experience from embedded system testing and system development.
  • Robot Framework

Soft skills
  • Responsibility and timely implementation of tasks, and ability to work within a strict time frame
  • Desire to continuously increase your knowledge and search for solutions
  • Strong multitasking ability, initiative and have high level of quality awareness
  • Excellent team player

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