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2021108 - Developer (GDL & HW) Display and Switches

8-10 years

Job Description

Our customers Display & Switch teams belongs to Interior Room ART where they develop the Displays, Switches, IP, Tunnel and door panels. They are now looking for a Developer with either Group Design Leader background or Hardware responsible experience. You will work in an agile team with competence within lead engineering, test, software and hardware, with a clear ambition to work cross-functional.

The role - You will work as GDL or HW responsible within our development teams.

As HW responsible, your responsibility is to lead the HW development done by our customers suppliers. This role is in close collaboration with your team, from project leaders to testing. You will also have a close collaboration with our customers suppliers to make sure that they follow set time plans, and to agree with specifications when sourcing new projects. It is very important to have good communication and collaboration with a lot of internal stakeholders, for example Design, Safety, User Experience and Ergonomics. It is beneficial if you have experience from working with A-surfaces, electronics and development of components including both HW and SW.

As GDL your responsibility is to lead and align the cross-functional engineering efforts to meet time, technical output and cost targets for our components. With many interfaces, external as well as internal, this is a demanding but rewarding position. In your agile team you will play a crucial role in building the new team oriented culture, therefore we see very positive if you able to contribute in other competence areas e.g. testing, SW and HW. All based on background and interests of yours. In this role communication and collaboration is of high importance, you will have a lot of stakeholders and interfaces in your daily work.


Requirements – Must list (short, and real must, no order)
  • Degree of M.Sc or B.Sc in electrical or computer science, or equivalent technical training/experience
  • =>7 years of Experience in HW development
  • Experience in Hardware requirement management.

Meritorious skills
  • Experienced in agile
  • Experience from Automotive
  • Experience of working as a Project Lead
  • Experience of working with displays

Soft skills
  • Structured and have a good sense of details.
  • Driven and result oriented.
  • Happy to share your best practices and equally happy to learn from others.
  • Interest in cars and driver experience in particular.
  • Great communicator and good corporation skills

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