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2021114 - DSP Audio SW Developer

8-10 years

Job Description

Job description

We help our customer realising their ideas into products. Many of the products contains audio solutions, which is developed as a combination of hardware, software and mechanics. The DSP runs the audio algorithms.

DSP Audio developers program the DSPs, but is also part of designing the overall audio system.

Role and Responsibility
  • Develop software for CPU managing DSPs.
  • Program firmware for DSPs
  • Develop and adapt audio algorithms.
  • Contribute in pre-studies and propose technical solutions
  • Collaborate with specialists and developers from other technical areas like hardware, production technology, and quality verification
  • Investigate and learn new product domains in context of need to design the correct solutions


Requirements - To succeed in this role you must have

  • Experience in programming Audio DSPs
  • Knowledge and understanding in real time software development
  • Experience in C programming

Preferred requirements
  • Knowledge and good understanding in digital signal processing and underlaying mathematics
  • Knowledge and experience Audio signalling processing
  • Experience in MATLAB in general and conversion of algorithm to embedded code in specific
  • Experience in developing (big) systems of integrated functionality in software and hardware
  • Experience in developing consumer products
  • Development tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Coverity
  • Creative debugging with multiple sources and techniques like debuggers, log analysis, signal analysis, and protocol sniffers

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