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2022044 - Android Low Level Developer

4-6 years
Skåne, Sweden

Job Description

We are seeking an Android Low-Level Developer in Lund! The successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge of the Linux Kernel, HAL, Android Runtime, and the libs, and a technical understanding of the top layers. You will be specialized in one or several sub-systems (Power management, Bluetooth, Camera, etc.) with a willingness to learn about the others. You will work in all project phases and with all kinds of Android-based products. And sometimes, for example in semi-systems, with other embedded software development.

Develop software in Android-based systems; analyze, design, program, integrate, unit test, and debug in the lower part of the Android stack, with a focus on the sub-system(s) you are specialized in.
  • Work in teams with other software developers.
  • Interface customers on the engineering level.
  • Contribute to pre-studies and propose technical solutions.
  • Collaborate with specialists and developers from other technical areas like hardware, audio, and optics.
  • Investigate and learn new product domains in the context of the need to design the correct solutions


To succeed in this role you must have - 
  • Experience in programming in Android-based systems.
  • Knowledge and understanding of embedded software development.
  • Experience in C/C++.
Preferred Qualifications - 
  • Minimum Bachelor’s in computer science or equal.
  • Experience in Java programming.
  • Experience in working with Qualcomm chipsets.
  • Experience in developing (big) systems of integrated functionality in software and hardware.
  • Experience in developing consumer products.
  • Development tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, and Coverity.
  • Creative debugging with multiple sources and techniques like debuggers, log analysis, signal analysis, and protocol sniffers.
  • Strong documentation and writing skills.

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