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2022047 - Software Developer

10+ years

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Bachelor’s degree or higher in SW Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science. With low-level programming, computer technology, concurrent programming, operating systems, and data communication in the curriculum. Preferably also SW Engineering courses, like SW projects, SW requirements, and SW test.

Required Competence - 
  • Embedded SW development C/C++ - Coding and Testing
  • Good coding and design practices
  • Basic SW Design documentation using UML
  • Basic computer communication
  • Low-level programming or device driver programming
  • Using SW repositories

Valuable Competences -
  • Python
  • OS configuration
  • Linker file configuration
  • Automation of continuous integration
  • Low-level development - Direct access to HW. ISRs, Timers, Communication ports, and CPU configuration
  • Test automation - Test frameworks, Test Instrumentation, Test scripts, Automated unit tests
  • AUTOSAR framework
  • Safety-related development FUSA, and SIL
  • Cyber Security competence (PKI, encryption, signing, HSM)
  • Build scripts, (Scons, Bazel)
  • SW Architecture and SW Design documentation
  • SW Requirements writing
  • Safety Analysis - FTA  and DFA
  • Computer communication protocols - The IP stack, SOME, DOIP, REST APIs, IPSEC, TSL, SECOC, PTP

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