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2023046 - Senior Software Developer, BSP

10+ years

Job Description

·        BSP and Drivers development for Android and Linux on Qualcomm and TI Platforms.

·        Board bring up, Schematic review and working with h/w team on new board design.

·        Debug and troubleshoot BSP and Driver level issues.  Should be familiar with h/w debugging.

·        Guide and lead technical teams and manage customer expectations.

·        Be a go to person for any technical issues.



·        10+ years of Embedded Linux Development Experience.

·        Experience in Infotainment/ telematics

·        Experience in Linux BSP Development

·        Experience in Embedded Development in C,C++

·        Linux Kernel internals , Device driver implementation

·        Experience with Qualcomm, Intel

·        Experience in initial board bring up on new hardware, preferably for Qualcomm and/or Intel based platform for Android operating system and/or ARM,X86-based processors

·        Experience in Customization boot-loader and Linux operating system for embedded platforms

·        Experience in porting board support packages from reference platform

·        Experience writing custom device drivers and related SDKs/APIs

·        Review of hardware schematics and support the hardware design with low- level software components

·        Should take the ownership of complete Project on BSP/Driver side and provide the required technical expertise.


Good to have 

·        Experience with software / firmware verification and testing, and generating high quality documentation of the design and test results


Soft skills

·        Structured and have a good sense of details.

·        Driven and result oriented. 

·        Happy to share your best practices and equally happy to learn from others.

·        Great communicator and good corporation skills



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