C++ Developer

Job Opening ID: 2022021
Location: SWEDEN
Years of Exp: 10+

Job Description:
Customer is planning to build a futuristic smart charger to charge the grid from the car (and vis-e-versa) which can also be later used for charging other appliances.

Project is not essentially automotive but associated with it.

Identified candidate can initially start in India with remote onboarding and eventually move to Sweden upon visa completion.

Requirements – Must list (short, and real must, no order):

  • A degree of M.Sc or B.Sc in computer science or similar
  • 2+ years of experience in C++ 17
  • QT Framework 5.16
  • Python 3
  • Protobuf (testing)
  • Gtest
  • Pytest
  • Jinja2 – Python (for C++ code Generation)
  • ISO 15118-20 Protocol
  • Networking TLS

Requirements – Good to have

  • Experience from Automotive

Soft skills

  • Structured and have a good sense of details.
  • Driven and result oriented.
  • Happy to share your best practices and equally happy to learn from others.
  • Great communicator and good corporation skills

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