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SIRI’s global network of automotive consulting experts help our clients achieve their full potential and raise enterprise value through profitable growth and maximum efficiency. We work with companies from all sectors of the automotive industry:

  • Passenger car and light truck OEMs
  • Commercial vehicle OEMs
  • Automotive suppliers and high-tech companies

Our teams draw on cross-industry and capability experience to support clients as they confront a wide range of critical issues and opportunities.

We have access to the network of automotive expert consultants with the product development from Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, Crysler etc.

Some of the areas that we are working with:

  • In Vehicle Infotainment
  • Navigation and Telematics
  • Vehicle Network
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Power Train
  • Body Electronics


Connectivity-Telecom Wireless-IOT


SIRI AB has vast experience working on BT, BLE ( Bluetooth low energy) and WLAN with global mobile makers and automotive. SIRI AB engineers have work experience in developing, porting and testing of the connectivity solution.

SiriAB also has experience in providing enterprise solution using WLAN for hospital management, fleet management and education institute. Apart from enterprise solution SiriAB is also focused on solution at chipset level which includes BT & WLAN service as below:

  • Development and porting to BT stack which includes development of Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP) , Host Controller Interface and developing hardware abstraction layer
  • BT profile development for different platform which includes ( A2DP, AVRP, DUN, HFP etc)
  • Development of MAC functionality in the 802.11 a/b/g/n standard.
  • Have experience in pre-conformance of chipset w.r.t 802.11 standard and Interoperability
  • Connectivity combo chip driver/middleware development and integration
  • Security in BT and WLAN
  • Have experience in porting wps_supplicant and host apd on different linux platform/Android platform to enable WALN and any given platform.

Telecom Wireless

SIRI’s global network of wireless consulting support customer in productization of the wireless protocol solution which includes both stack development, testing of the handset equipment and development, testing of the network side.

SiriAB engineers have excellent hands on experience in protocol development of 3G, LTE & 5G stack.
  • Development of Layer1/2/3 modem features based on 3GPP standard
  • Feature Implementation and Integration on Multicore processor based modems.
  • Identification and implementation of 3GPP & OMA change requests and feature enhancements
  • AT Command Enhancements
Testing team has expertise in:
  • Pre conformance testing
  • Conformance testing of GCF & PTCRB
  • Lab inter opera-ability testing
  • Carrier Acceptance testing (CAT) of various operator and
  • Hand on field testing to measure the KPI of different mobile platform.

The team has experience in board bring up, porting on ARM and DSP platform with MIPS optimization of the layer1 algorithm, porting of algorithm and different DSP.

In the recent time SiriAB has been providing support for migration of the network functionality to cloud and footing strong on SDN and NFV for the Tier1 network equipment provider.


SIRI AB Engineers have vast experience in Telecom wireless & Connectivity and so able to build IoT solutions very efficiently.

Some of our Consultants are working in the following IoT Domains.

  • Automotive
  • HealthCare
  • Utilities – Home Automation

Banking and Finance

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