• Productization of the wireless protocol solutions including design, development and verification of Radio Access Network (RAN)
  • Design, Implementation and testing of Core Network (CN) Solutions
  • Design, development and testing of Multi-RAT User Equipment (UE) protocol stack
  • Continuous Integration(CI)/Continuous Delivery(CD) and DevOps setup and maintenance
  • Test automation development and maintenance

Siri AB engineers have excellent hands-on experience in 5G NR, LTE & 3G protocol stacks

  • Expertise in Physical Layer, MAC, RLC & RRC Layers
  • Excellent understanding of 3GPP specifications
  • 5G NR New features and procedures – NOMA, Beam forming, Beam steering, Massive MIMO, Architectures like Open RAN/V-RAN/C-RAN, coding techniques such as LDPC & Polar codes
  • Feature Implementation and Integration of Multicore processor-based solutions.

The testing team has expertise in:

  • Pre-Conformance Testing
  • GCF & PTCRB Conformance Testing
  • IOT/IODT Testing
  • Carrier Acceptance Testing (CAT)
  • Field Testing


  • C/ C++, Java, Python, Erlang
  • Android, Linux, WinCe, BIOS, PROS, VxWorks Linux, UNIX, RTOS
  • CI/CD DevOps
  • Agile developments, Scrum, TDD


  • ASIC /FPGA Design and verification
  • Post Silicon validation
  • SV/UVM


  • 3GPP

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On-Site IT Consulting

Our engineers will be based inside the premise of our clients’ office and work very closely with the team.

Near-Shore and Off-Shore Consulting

We will work on the solutions in our various offices in Sweden (Near-Shore) or our office in Hyderabad, India. (Off-Shore).

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