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Sweden is among the best places to live and work personally and professionally. In addition to having several regulations that welcome immigrants, Sweden also offers its citizens many chances for professional and personal growth.

The rights of employees provide a firm foundation for the Swedish labor market. As a result of the prominence of the labor unions in Sweden, employee health and safety are of utmost significance.

There is no doubt that the employment system in Sweden is organized and well-planned. It offers a welcoming environment to foreign nationals and several prospects for professional advancement. If you are a citizen of Vietnam & wish to work in Sweden, you have made a great choice. Let us guide you on what you will need further to get a job in Sweden from Vietnam.

Get a Job in Sweden from Vietnam

Steps to work in Sweden:

While living in Sweden is simple, obtaining a job might be challenging. However, jobs may be obtained & the payoff is sweet for those who are determined. So, how do you begin?

Learn to speak the language:

Although mastering the language may seem like a difficult barrier, it is vital. English-speaking career opportunities in Sweden are available, and they are scarce. More importantly, those who speak at least a little Swedish will be preferred for positions even where it is not a requirement. Thus, practicing the language is excellent if you’re serious about working in Sweden.

Research the industry demand:

Not all industries assist the economy of Sweden. In actuality, it’s slowed down by a single factor—85 percent of jobs in Sweden are in the service sector. Not all is lost if you don’t want to work in the service industry.

With new firms sprouting up daily and a high need for the creative and tech-savvy, Sweden is quickly developing into a magnet for tech entrepreneurs. To get an idea of what kind of businesses are operating in Sweden, check out

Apply (and wait) for your visa:

It’s not too difficult to apply for a visa to work in Sweden. Online applications are the quickest and most convenient way to obtain a work permit.

Applications submitted online are prioritized and sent directly to the Swedish Migration Agency. Once you get a work visa, it will be affixed to your passport, allowing you to travel wherever you like without restriction.

Siri AB, International Talent, Sweden:

Online advertisements are simple, but getting specialized job guidance can be challenging. That’s where we come in. Siri AB is a Swedish IT company that provides consulting services to key market players.

We try to give its bright people the finest chances and assist customers in overcoming competency shortages. With deep roots and a wide network in Vietnam, Siri AB offers various Swedish companies a one-stop shop for hiring the best international talent without stressing about the time-consuming procedure of recruitment!

Securing a job and getting a visa is the hard part; Now, with us, it’s time to enjoy life in Sweden!

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