The Four Years (and counting) Journey of Archana Krishnaraj Rao with Siri AB

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On a sunny afternoon in 2016, Archana received a call about a lucrative job opportunity in Sweden. Although the job seemed to align with her personal and professional goals, there was one catch. She had not heard about Siri AB – the company that had called her. Moreover, moving lock, stock and barrel to an entirely new country wasn’t an easy decision for her and her family. As she gathered more information about Siri AB and deliberated about the offer, she got the confidence to take the plunge. And it has been a joyride ever since.

In her words, the support and encouragement that she has received from the management of Siri AB have motivated her throughout her journey of four years. For instance, although she was anxious about her transition from India to Sweden, the company ensured that it was as smooth as it could be. It was not only comfortable but commenced her on a valuable partnership with Siri AB. It was an association that had its foundation in trust.

Archana Krishnaraj Rao Siri ABAnother incident that she fondly recounts is when her client asked her to take the position of a team lead within six months of joining the team. Although a bit hesitant initially, she took it in her stride and accepted the challenge. She says her colleagues at Siri AB encouraged her to take it up. They promised her all the support that she would need to take up the enhanced scope of work.

Archana is a perceptive individual and actively shares her views and feedback with the management. Since the company is still evolving, she feels everyone is growing together. She takes a keen interest in the well-being of the company and tries to stimulate an environment of discussion and the free exchange of views. Such valuable feedback has helped Siri AB in fine-tuning the policies and adding new ones to serve their team in a more meaningful way. For instance, Siri AB values Archana’s efforts in improving gender diversity at the company.

Although the company may not be able to implement all her suggestions, she appreciates the fact that she is heard. She also recognizes the effort that the team takes for reviewing them and coming back to her with their sincere answers. This transparency is an aspect that has strengthened her bond with the company.

All in all, Archana has been more than satisfied with her association with Siri AB. If history were to repeat itself, she would happily make the same decisions. And this time will be more confident and comfortable.

Note: This post carries the gist of Archana’s story captured by Kiruba Shankar

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