Here's What Happened at Siri AB Virtual Annual Employee Meet 2020

Here’s What Happened at Siri AB Virtual Annual Employee Meet 2020

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At Siri AB, the Annual Employee Meet has become a tradition that everyone looks forward to. It brings all our employees, who are otherwise engaged in their individual projects, on one common platform. The meet is a conscious effort to encourage dialogue and discussion about the hits and misses of the year gone by. At the same time, future plans for Siri AB are shared and valuable feedback from the employees is invited.

Here's What Happened at SiriAB Virtual Annual Employee Meet 2021Till last year, the AEM was always an in-person event. In the wake of the on-going pandemic, it was clear that an in-person meet would not be possible this year. However, cancelling the event is never thought of. At a time when they had worked from their homes for almost a year, employees were keen on meeting their colleagues and had high expectations.

What ensued was months of meticulous planning and detailing. How long should the event be considering that it would be an online event, how do we make it a platform for people to share their ideas within a limited time, what about fun activities? Questions galore and everything has to explore. After much debate and dialogue, a date, time, format, agenda have been finalized.

In the end, the virtual AEM was a success, and the response was overwhelming. Employees expressed their delight in the meeting. It didn’t matter that the meeting was virtual for most of the employees, what was more important was that the company went through with the event.

Employees shared their views on the company and what they see as the vision for the company. CEO in his message has presented the dynamics of changing reality and how the company is adapting to new realities brought forth by the pandemic. Based on the sense of they appreciated the fact that the management honestly shared the ups and downs of the last year. The founders were pleased to participate in the free flow of ideas that gave them food for thought.

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