Virtual On-boarding at Siri AB – How we Welcome our new Employees during the Pandemic

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At Siri AB, we give a lot of importance to on-boarding fresh hires and its something we do it with a lot of care. On-boarding is important because it’s the first official impression of a company and that impression stays for a long time. During normal times, we welcome new employees in person, give them a personal tour of the our office, have them introduced to all the staff members etc. But with the pandemic, we don’t have that luxury and it was important for us to adjust to the new normal.

Rajanikanth Baratam Siri AB Virtual OnboardingWe were conscious and sensitive to the fact that it can be hard for remote workers to adjust to the company’s culture and gain both the official and non-official knowledge about how things get done at the company. We ensured that we went out of our way to have regular video conference calls to ensure they really felt at home and are comfortable with the on-boarding process.

One such example is the on-boarding experience of Rajnikanth, who joined Siri AB in the month of June. He joined as Requirement and Data Management Systems Lead. Since he joined, he has been working from Hyderabad and has initiated the offshoring activity in India. He will be setting up the offshore team and has already started to build the team.

We conducted a virtual induction to introduce the management team and had introductory calls with rest of the staff members. Rajnikanth says he has benefited hugely from these virtual calls and has felt connected with his team placed in a different part of the world.

In order to ensure that the new hires are productive, we organized for laptops, extra monitor, wireless keyboard and all that is necessary for them to get started.

Siri AB follows the Employees First principle. When the employees are well taken care of, they take care of the customers. Its no wonder that Siri AB is ranked highly on Glassdoor. We look forward to continuously keep improving our process and make Siri AB a company that people are proud to be part of.

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