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Dat Nguyen is a senior embedded software engineer from Vietnam who joined Siri AB a year ago. Dat joining Siri AB highlights a new trend where the company is increasingly going global. From Vietnam to Poland to Sweden, Dat’s journey is an interesting one. In this new interview series, we profile our employees and their fascinating background and their deep passion for technology.

Dat Nguyen Global Journey CareerWhat motivated you to join Siri AB?

I have to say that I had a great time in Poland, working for a great company and having a fantastic life there. I have a close friend living in Sweden and that was a strong motivation for me to move. I also wanted to take on more challenging and interesting projects. That’s when I came across Siri AB. When I started investigating Siri AB, I noticed the company’s strong reputation and credibility. They provide good support and strong track record for relocation Hence, I decided to join.

Please describe the interview process.

My first talk with Siri AB was when I saw an advertisement about an interesting job in Sweden. I pinged person mentioned in the advt and got quick response. I filled up the CV template as requested. Very soon after that, I had interviews with members of Siri AB, and everything went smoothly.

A few days later, Siri AB informed me about an interview with an American multinational automotive supplier. The company maintains production facilities and technical systems at 96 sites in 24 countries worldwide and has around 50,000 employees. This is my final interview in which I had a chance to introduce myself, tell a story about my journey as well as my experience, and ask questions about work in the company and also in Sweden in general. The interview was a success and I was delighted to join them.

In your 2 months experience with Siri AB, what are the things you like about the company and its people.

Right from the time I contacted Siri AB, 4 months ago, I had a very good impression because they are very friendly and kind. Their communication was prompt and professional. The interview meetings were held in a professional way.
After I passed the interview and prepared documents for moving to Sweden. I had some unexpected issues with the visa process. My case was very special and complex but they were able to manage it well. They helped me with all the requirements and I’m thankful for that.

I met my Indian colleagues and we usually have lunch together in the office. It is very nice for me to talk with them and know lots of things about India. I can confidently say that Siri AB and its people are wonderful to work with.

What was your job before you joined Siri AB?

Right after I graduated from my university, I have been working in Automotive domain as a software engineer until now. I will continue working in Automotive sector because for me, this is life.

What is your domain specialization? Explain.

Everyday in my work, I work with embedded system, play with PCB circuits which contain a microcontroller. The microcontroller can control devices and peripherals inside a car. And I have to write software for that microcontroller, analyze requirements to know what I should write, and how to test to ensure the product quality.

What are your favourite hobbies?

I love reading science books and watching science movies. I love playing chess. I love travelling to remote and wild places, especially mountains.

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