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Mohamed Gamal Siri AB New Recruit
Mohamed Gamal is our latest international employee from Cairo, Egypt. He has joined the Siri AB family recently and we decided to have a short chat with him. Mohamed Gamal, or Jimmy for short, is a Telecom Research & Development Engineer with 4+ years of accomplishments in research, implementation, and testing of LTE stack across various platforms. In this interview series, we get to know better about the staff and their life.
Mohamed Gamal Siri AB New RecruitYour nickname is Jimmy. How did you get this name?

The majority of people in Egypt are called Mohamed. So, most people never call others by this name. If they should out Mohamed, then half the town will turn around! 🙂 My father’s name is Gamal and that is pretty common too. Hence, everyone calls me Jimmy which is a nickname for Gamal.What motivated you to join Siri AB?

The opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology with strong customers motivated me to join Siri AB.Please describe the interview process at Siri AB.

The interview process was simple and fast. The interviewers were very friendly and it went very smooth.In your experience working with Siri AB, what are the things you like about the company and its people?

The top management of Siri AB takes really good care of their employees. They welcomed me like I was part of their family.What was your job before you joined Siri AB?

I was a Senior R&D Engineer

What is your domain specialization? Explain.

R&D (Research and Development)  in mobile network stack development within 4G and 5G.  I love to exploit open-source solutions to provide connectivity to rural areas. I’m passionate about innovating smart future networks.

What is your favourite hobby?

My favourite hobby is Scuba Diving. I love to explore life underwater.

Do you have any Bucketlist goals? Please share a few.

I would love to visit more than 20 countries and volunteer in Africa for at least 2 weeks.

What is your LinkedIn profile URL?


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