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How 5G ORAN is Changing the Telecommunications Industry

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Over the years, the telecommunications industry has been at the forefront of several innovations and dynamic changes. They have changed the way people and enterprises engage with each other. ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) is one such technology that has transformed the global communication landscape. The growing adoption of 5G technology has enabled better flexibility.

ORAN is a non-proprietary version of the Radio Access Network that enables better collaboration or interoperation between networks provided by different vendors. This is a shift from RAN which was vendor and carrier centric and operated in a closed environment. The introduction of ORAN has now improved network flexibility and cut down the total cost of ownership (TCO). This has opened possibilities in both the hardware as well as software segments in the telecommunications industry as networks are able to interoperate seamlessly. 

Let’s understand how ORAN coupled with 5G technology has transformed the telecommunications industry.

Intelligent Solutions

5G ORAN is spearheading several innovations in network management options, pricing, while promoting a multi-vendor ecosystem of equipment vendors. Open RAN is now of interest to several wireless cellular companies. It is expected to offer better flexibility to address the demands of 5G applications in various verticals with differentiated network performance, capacity, and latency requirements. Additionally, ORAN provides several advantages too:

  • Operators can avoid “vendor lock-in” 
  • Offer “best of breed” network solutions
  • Lower the cost of network administration
  • Encourage innovation in the network
  • Accelerate the time to market for network services
  • Integrate hardware/software development into network development

Secure Communications

From a security standpoint, 5G ORAN capabilities offer numerous advantages. For instance, disaggregation enhances security resilience, adaptability, and agility. Additionally, the openness and transparency of ORAN provide the path for a more secure cellular network than private implementations of a traditional RAN, which in part relies on “security via obscurity.”

5G ORAN  will increase a cellular system’s security in a number of ways, including:

  • Interface Security: New interfaces introduced for RAN disaggregation are safeguarded by security methods that have been described by standards.
  • Software Security: Adherence to best practices for security, such as the OpenSSF Best Practices Badge Program (previously a component of the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) enables self-certification including code testing, verification, and signing to produce high-quality software.

Finishing up

With 5G ORAN applications transforming the technological landscape, several new opportunities are opening up in the telecommunications industry. Siri AB is bridging  the prevalent skill gap in the industry, by being a perfect partner to clients as well as job aspirants. With our wide network of clients in IT, telecom and automotive industries and focus on employee and customer service excellence, we can help fulfill your global job aspirations. 

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