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7 Ways to Get Job Opportunities in Sweden after Masters

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7 ways to get Job Opportunities in Sweden after Masters

Sweden is a country of great natural beauty, with additional attractions like  accessible employment. This Scandinavian country has good immigration policies, and public funded education and healthcare. All these factors make Sweden a great place to work and reside in. More so, because Sweden also offers good work-life balance to all its workers. 

Over the last decade, we witnessed a spike in employment opportunities in the IT, automotive and telecommunications sectors of Sweden. Besides these, Sweden also provides  exciting job opportunities in Healthcare, Research & Development, Education, Real Estate and several other industries. If you have finished your masters and are in quest of a job opportunity abroad, Sweden is a decent option to consider. Finding job opportunities in Sweden that are relevant to your field can be quite a hustle. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind during your job search. 

1. Start as Early as Possible

It is crucial to start your job search as soon as possible and get started with your applications early. Most people start looking for a job when they still have a year left to complete their education. Some of the popular websites for job search in Sweden are Jobb.blocket, Jobbland, and Metrojobb.

2. Networking is Important 

Finding a good job is challenging but networking can give you a head-start on this. When you start networking, you get to explore more career opportunities within your field. Even if you don’t apply for a job, some companies allow you to visit them and help you gain insights into opportunities available in your particular field. You can also check out EURES; it has both public and private job listings of European countries including Sweden. You can get in touch with a EURES advisor to know more about any opportunity that interests you.

3. Career Fairs 

Just like networking, career fairs can also be a good place to dig deep into opportunities in your field. Universities usually host career fairs annually where you get exposed to diverse career paths. Additionally, you also get a chance to initiate conversations with employers and businesses and establish good connections with them. Some universities even conduct virtual career fairs for soon-to-be graduates. One such programme is the STEM Virtual Fair by Lund University that is open to all. 

4. Learn Swedish 

Although most people residing in Sweden do speak English or at least understand the language, learning Swedish can benefit you especially when seeking employment. It can also set you apart from the rest of the crowd. SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) is a free course to learn the basics of Swedish. Do check it out, if you are interested.

5. Apply to Multinational Companies 

Always apply to multinational companies if you have trouble learning Swedish. At multinational companies, the medium of communication is usually English and it will not prove a hassle for you. 

6. Swedish Public Employment Service 

The Swedish National Employment Service offers support and guidance to job seekers. Their website has several job listings and crucial information on the availability of financial support.

7. Become an Intern 

Before you hop in and take up a job opportunity, it is important to take up an internship. Internships will provide you with many practical insights and be your gateway to the corporate world.  Kortavagen is a mindfully curated programme that will pave your way to ample internship opportunities and learning in Sweden.


If you are pursuing your masters in Sweden, you can get a job seeker permit. This permit can be used for a year and in the meantime you can apply for good job opportunities. 

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