Why should Indians prefer Sweden as their next career destination?

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Sweden job market and how Indians can be benefited from it

The coastal country of Sweden, situated in Northern Europe, is the land of multiple revolutionary innovations and companies. The creative prowess of the country can be observed by the rising popularity and success of several multinational companies like Ericsson, Electrolux, Scannia, Spotify, Ikea, and Skype.

The quality of life provided by this Scandinavian country is perceivably higher than most. They have financed public administrations as well as a liberal occasion remittance. In addition, the economy of Sweden is greatly supported by international trade. With the Swedish Government promoting an innovation-led economy, the nation also has one of the best-built employment markets and healthiest work cultures in the world.

We are sure that these facts clarify why an Indian should prefer Sweden as their next career destination.

Apart from this, English is broadly spoken in the country, especially in Gothenburg and Stockholm. So, most Indians in search of a job in Sweden can get by with learning English only. But having some basic knowledge of the Swedish language helps an employee to interact with the community better.

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Why should Indians prefer Sweden as their next career destinationHow Sweden smartly handled the pandemic without imposing lockdown

Well, if you have a Swedish job offer but are still in doubt regarding the pandemic situation, we must say that there was no lockdown in the country in the last one and a half years!

Yes, Sweden has been one of the few countries that have not imposed any lockdowns and yet have had significant progress in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

This approach has been effective in dealing with the virus as well as keeping the economy afloat. The country recorded 7.9% excess deaths last year compared to the years 2016-2019. It had the 23rd lowest annual excess deaths out of all 30 European countries, including the UK, France and Spain.

Sweden has also had one of the lower coronavirus deaths per million than these countries, which have undergone strict lockdowns to deal with the pandemic.

The measures taken by Sweden considered economic factors and all aspects of the continuation of everyday public life as far as possible. Their strategy has been an equal balance between tougher rules, prohibitions, and the sense of responsibility assumed by the people of the country.

By closing its international borders and allowing the internal society to stay open, Sweden has managed the outbreak by limiting gatherings in the form of recommendations rather than with the help of strict enforcement.

How can Siri AB help Indians to get a job in Sweden?

Siri AB is a Swedish IT company that provides consulting services to some of the biggest companies and the best available opportunities to its skilled employees. With a presence in the Swedish job market for over ten years, Siri AB has the comprehension required to navigate the job market with ease.

Having a strong India network helps Siri AB provide one-stop solutions to multiple Swedish organizations to recruit the best international talent. Overcoming every culture and language barrier, we look after every step of finding, selecting, and relocating the right candidate with their new Swedish role.

Siri AB has highly skilled and reliable consultants who have gathered experience working with the top OEMs and Tier 1 Indian companies and the international market. The consultants are currently working in many customers’ locations, including Automotive OEMs, Telecom wireless Network OEMs, Mobile handset OEMs, Gaming Industry players.

Established in 2011, Siri AB consultants have worked with many big and small companies across international borders. Nurturing a relationship of trust and reliability with the clients, Siri AB has seen a constant hike in its growth and market presence.

As a result, it has been steadily growing with the help of the belief and trust put in us by our clients.

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