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Over the years,  the ‘All Employee Meeting’ at Siri AB has become one of the most important days for us. Our employees are spread across Sweden working in different cities such as Stockholm, Karlstad, Helsinborg, Malmö and Göteborg. All of them travelled long distances to come together under roof for this special event. This year’s event took place in Göteborg, the hub of the automotive industry. There was special recognition for employees who have worked with SiriAB for many years. We had interesting team-building exercises and all the team members enthusiastically participated. For new employees, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet others and get to know the company culture. An important part of the event was the visioning exercise for the company’s future growth. The whole event ended with a traditional Christmas dinner. It was a memorable event with fond memories and we look forward to 2020 with eagerness to grow to greater success.


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