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ChatGPT - the new-normal

All of us by now know about ChatGPT and what it can do. Microsoft’s $1Bn in 2019 and the recent $10Bn for 49% stake sums it up. Simply put, it is revolutionary, and it has already started to change the game. Its impact and reach are deep and wide.

Fast forward to 2024, businesses will have insights in a matter of weeks or days that previously took months, let alone the cost involved. Suddenly you don’t need to pick and choose a select few areas to fund and pursue insights. This is going to positively affect speed and scale of business decisions. Cross disciplinary challenges will not be as tricky to address as before. Research maturity timelines will start coming down noticeably. Work estimation models will start changing.

The key to adapting to the new game will be how well and quickly businesses can make ChatGPT part of the company’s working culture. To begin with, for when the water level rises, we don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer, knowing enough not to drown is good. We might as well enjoy while we are at it!

On the other hand, schools in France, India, US and a few other countries have started banning ChatGPT at schools. However, in Sweden schools are considering that this might be the way future is unfolding and are embracing it and are adapting education to not ignore it. I guess it may boil down to the story of calculators at schools, you learn some math tables and use calculators beyond that!

Note: ChatGPT was unavailable to fine tune this content!

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