IT Consulting Challenges in Automotive

New-Age IT Consulting Challenges in Automotive Industry

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New-Age IT Consulting Challenges in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has always been credited with several innovations and new practices in manufacturing. Even today, it continues to drive innovations and shaping consumer preferences through its diverse mobility solutions around the world. The advent of self-driving cars, data-driven vehicle management systems and intelligent manufacturing are disrupting the IT industry – resulting in high demand for automotive software development. Software today is integral to every aspect of vehicle management, including in-vehicle infotainment, power train, navigation, telematics, and predictive maintenance, etc.

Commercial vehicle OEMs and automotive suppliers today are tasked with reimagining their products with a software-first approach. Automotive consultants are actively working with manufacturers to bring in software-centric technology that can act as a key differentiator for brands, in the near future. Automotive industry is also becoming more consumer centric, with new software features and data-driven insights into vehicle parts that need to be checked for maintenance. Taking all these into consideration, present-day automotive IT consultants must be mindful of how they plan to dedicate time and manpower into vehicle life-cycle maintenance. 

Automotive Industry: The Road Ahead

These transformative changes in the automotive industry are affecting its supporting industries and OEMs too. As software integration has become the default option in every area of the automotive industry, we are witnessing a rise in mobility-as-a-service providers in the market that are challenging software and IT consulting services to find solutions in logistics and security. The emergence of Autonomous Connected Electric and Shared vehicles (ACES) outcomes. Today, automotive consulting services must adopt a truly multidisciplinary approach. They also need to include cross-industry and capability experience to help brands stay competitive in the market. For instance, Siri AB specializes in supporting clients with Adaptive AUTOSAR, which paves the way for automotive ECUs, and  far-reaching possibilities in implementing autonomous driving, IoT features and media streaming into their future cars.

The Rising Need For Talent Acquisition

As the automotive industry brings with it a new promise of safer roads, reduced emission levels, high-end job creation and reduced social isolation – it also challenges enterprises to acquire the expertise to adapt to changing technology. Companies are looking to build in-house software engineering teams and hire talent from US, India, Japan and Europe, due to a shortage of industry-relevant skill sets. Siri AB helps connect them with employees who move abroad looking for challenging roles that make effective use of their specific skills. Thus, Siri AB is helping their clients through a global network of expert automotive consultants who help them to quickly and easily achieve their full potential, and raise their enterprise value.


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