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In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) refers to the integrated system in a vehicle that provides entertainment, information, and connectivity features to the driver and passengers. It includes a combination of audio, video, navigation, communication, and internet-related functions. With the advancement of Technology IVI transport vehicles including bikes, cars, automobiles, truck will be much different ten years down the line. The top five trends driving this transformation in the IVI space are:


IVI systems are increasingly incorporating ADAS features and integrating them seamlessly into the infotainment interface. ADAS features that are commonly integrated into IVI systems include:

  1. Lane departure warnings
  2. Collision detection and warnings
  3. Adaptive cruise control
  4. Blind-spot monitoring
  5. Parking assistance

The integration of ADAS into IVI systems not only improves safety but also provides convenience by consolidating various driver assistance features into a single interface. It allows drivers to have access to vital information and real-time alerts, promoting a more informed and secure driving experience.



With the rapid advancement of smartphones and other smart devices, drivers can setup seamless integration between their personal devices and the ivi system within their vehicles. This integration allows users to access a wide range of apps and services directly through the ivi system’s interface, enhancing convenience and reducing distractions while driving. popular integration solutions include apple carplay, android auto, and mirrorlink, which enable drivers to mirror their smartphone interfaces onto the ivi system’s display.

Enhanced connectivity and app integration in IVI systems provide drivers with familiar, convenient, and safer access to their digital lives even while on the road.


Integration with Voice Assistants

integration with voice assistants is a significant trend in the field of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. voice-controlled interfaces have the ability to offer hands-free operation and improved safety while driving. ivi systems are being designed to seamlessly integrate with popular voice assistants like amazon alexa, google assistant, or apple siri.


By incorporating voice assistants with natural language processing capabilities into IVI systems, drivers can interact with various features and services simply by using their voice. this allows them to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while still accessing a wide range of functions.



IVI systems are increasingly incorporating the ability to create user profiles, allowing multiple drivers to have their personalized settings and preferences stored within the system. these profiles can include preferences for seat adjustments, climate control settings, favorite radio stations, media preferences, and even app integrations. when a driver logs into their profile, the IVI system automatically adjusts to their preferred settings, creating a familiar and customized experience.

Personalization extends beyond basic settings to include advanced features such as customized interfaces and dashboard layouts. drivers can rearrange icons, widgets, and information panels to suit their preferences and prioritize the information they find most relevant. this level of personalization enhances usability and convenience, enabling drivers to access the information they need quickly and efficiently.


As technology advances, IVI systems are incorporating larger, more prominent displays with higher resolutions to deliver a visually engaging and intuitive interface.


Larger displays offer improved visibility, allowing drivers and passengers to view information, maps, and media content more easily. with a larger screen, important details and graphics can be displayed more prominently, enhancing readability and reducing the need for drivers to strain their eyes.

Moreover, larger and higher-resolution displays provide the opportunity for split-screen functionalities, where multiple applications or information can be displayed simultaneously. for example, drivers can view maps and music controls simultaneously, or have navigation instructions displayed alongside climate control settings.


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